Sleeping Bag, For Indoor Use, Temperate Climate

SLEEPING BAG, for indoor use, temperate climate

General information

Sleeping bags are made of a thick layer of non-woven synthetic material covered on both sides with a synthetic/cotton sheet. 100% synthetic filling is recommended to avoid being rotted by moisture.

Sleeping bags are recommended for cold countries only. The square type can also be used open as a quilt.

The insulation capability of a sleeping bag is define by the TOG (Thermal resistance Of Garments). The TOG does not depend only on the weight or the thickness, but also on the fibre quality, and the type of manufacture.

TOG is defined and tested under ISO standard procedure in a laboratory, and cannot be reliably tested in any other way. This test also includes evaluation of the water vapour permeability, which we apply only to synthetic materials.

Insulation from the ground is another important factor in cold climate bedding


SLEEPING BAG, synthetic, 0.7×1.9m, square, cold climate


ll Sleeping bag, square angle shape, 2 sides opening


Inner and outer lining: cotton/polyester mix, 100g/m² minimum.Filling: 100% polyester fibres


Dark colour lining outside, and light colour inside – not white.


0.7 x 1.9m, folded (= 1.4 x 1.9m open)

Thickness ISO9073-2

30mm for one layer (when open)

Tensile strength ISO9073-3

25DaN warp and weft

Thermal resistance ISO11092

TOG 5 (or 0.5m².K/W) for one layer (opened bag)

Resistance to vapor ISO11092

10m2.Pa/W minimum

Shrinkage max

2% after hand washing at 40°C.

Tensile strength after washing

2% loss maximum after 1 washing, 5% loss maximum after 5 washings


Whipped seam with ribbon, 15 stitch/10cm minimum on 4 sides


2 strong zips of each 1.9m and 0.7m, plastic.

Organoleptic test

No bad smell, not irritating to the skin, no dust. Fit for human use.

Fire resistance

Resistance to cigarette test as per BS5852


Carton box of 12 pieces

size 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.6m

export quality double corrugation carton box

stacking capacities 6m/48hours min.

Marking on the package

ll Sleeping bags, 0.7 x 1.9m, and number of pieces

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