About Reliefline

Disasters are as old as human history but the dramatic increase and the damage Caused by them in the recent past has become a cause of national and international concern. Over the past decade, the number of natural and man made disasters has climbed inexorably. Hazards are always prevalent, but the hazard becomes a disaster only when there is greater vulnerability and less of capacity to cope with it. Reliefline helps in developing capacities so as to reduce vulnerability. Capacity can be defined as “resources, means and strengths which exist in households and communities and which enable them to cope with, withstand, prepare for, prevent, mitigate or quickly recover from a disaster”.

Quality Assurance

Reliefline ensures quality and time bound services to the clients both domestic and international markets. Reliefline drives its strength from its fully committed team which forms the backbone of the organization. Our reputation is determined by our structured approach towards providing quality services to our clients in various countries in the field of Domestic, shelter, water & sanitation, Agriculture, Food, clothing, medical equipments, education and Sports, etc.

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