Multi-purpose Tent 45m2

General Description This tent is multipurpose and can be used for schooling, office, clinic, health center, storage or temporary shelter purposes. Good for 20-40 persons. This tent can be attached one to another to make a longer structure.
Dimensions Usable Area 45 m2 (approx.)
Size Outer: 7.50  x 6.00 m          Inner: 7.20  x 5.70 m
Wall  Height Outer: 2.10 m       Inner: 1.95 m
Center Height Outer: 3.00 m       Inner: 2.80 m
Material Roof: Made of natural colour polyester / cotton, rot proof & water proof blend fabric 440 g/m2 in finished state Wall: Made of natural colour polyester / cotton, rot proof & water proof blend fabric 320 g/m2 in finished state
Ground Sheet Sewed ground sheet in tub made of PE fabric
Mud Flaps PVC coated 2 sides. 540g/m² (±10%).
Shade Net A shade net for hot climates to place over the tent for increased protection from heat.
Doors The tent has 2 doors. One on each end with fast opening/closing system and one on each side. Full width opening possible on both ends.
Ventilation The tent has 2 high ventilation windows on each side, with sunvisors/shutters, grill and mosquito netting. 1 high ventilation window on each gable with shutter, canopy/sun-visor and mosquito netting.
Frame The tent has an aluminium frame with 40mm x 2mm pipes and steel connectors.
Accessories 1 tent with all accessories packed in a bale. Other required accessories including ropes, pegs, pins, hammer, assembling instruction, content list and repair kit included.
Marking/Logo To be printed in both side of the tent with size of 200x200cm either in stitching or printing. The background of the logo is orange with written NRC in white.
Packing Complete Tent + Accessories in PVC bags.

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