Water Tanks Onion

Water Tanks Onion


  • KIT, WATERTANK, flexible onion, 5 m3, storage
  • KIT, WATERTANK, flexible onion, 10 m3, storage
  • KIT, WATERTANK, flexible onion, 20 m3, storage

General information

Flexible water tank, open top, fast set-up, light-weight and small volume for transport.
Heavy-duty, drinking-water quality, PVC-coated polyester
2 x 2″ BSP threaded outlet (ICRC standard)
2 x 3″ BSP threaded outlet (Federation ERU standard)
Anti-chafe patches and flaps
PVC cover with attachment hasps and ropes
Packaging as per IATA regulation UN 1133 (for the glue) and UN 1263 (for the thinner)

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