Water Tanks Bladder

Water Tanks Bladder


KIT, WATERTANK, flexible pillow, 5 m3, storage

KIT, WATERTANK, flexible pillow, 10m3, storage

KIT, WATERTANK, flexible pillow, 15 m3, storage

General information

Flexible water tank; quick setup, lightweight, packs to a small volume for transport.
Heavy-duty, for drinking water, quality PVC-coated polyester.
Inner coating: polyurethane (HPU) or food-safe PVC plastic.
Threaded outlet:
1.    –      2×2″ BSP (ICRC standard).
2.    –      2×3″ BSP (International Federation ERU standard).
Anti-chafe patches, overpressure release valves with rubber plugs.
Packaging: as per IATA regulations UN1133 (for the glue) and UN1263 (for the thinner).

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