Product Detail    

Basic Specification

Length : 12 or 14 mtrs
Width : 6.00 mtrs
Central height : 3.60 mtrs
Wall height : 2.00 mtrs
Doors : four of 2*2 mtrs each
Windows : twelve of 40*60 cms each
Ventilators   Six
Frame : stell or aluminium
Pegs : eighteen, made or iron
Hammer : one, made of iron
Flysheet : Optional

Outer fly

Made of single layer of natural color water and rotproof cotton canvas quality 450 grams.m2.

Inner fly

Made of two layers of cloth i.e. outside natural color water and rot proof cotton canvas quality 450 gms m2.and inner side dyed cotton sheeting cloth of 160 grams.m2.


Each tent packed in 5 heavy duty canvas bags or wooden boxes.