Squatting slabs

Squatting slabs:-

In emergency situations the construction of latrines is the most important step towards sanitation and that needs to be done within a day using usually unskilled labour and minimal instructions. Keeping the easy installation in mind, we have designed our squatting slabs.

Key Features:

  • Good strength
  • Self-supporting
  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy transportation
  • Light weight
  • Hygienic sanitation

Technical Specifications:

Dimension:  Length: 1200mm   Width: 800mm   Thickness: 54mm

Weight: 8.70 Kg

Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) having good strength and less permeability to moisture and chemicals.

Lid: The latrine slab comes with a key hole shape kick lid. For better promotion of sanitation, it comes with a ‘Wash your hands’ symbol in a standard neutral grey colour.

Ground anchors and Drilling points: Four galvanized ground anchors are stored within bespoke recesses on the plate underside. These pins are designed to fit within the holes positioned around the perimeter of the squatting slab to be fixed to a supporting superstructure or the ground.

Underside of the latrine slab: The squatting slab has hand shaped recesses underside, which allows the slab to be moved easily and hygienically to new locations. It also has D nut arrangement allowing for adding pour flush latrine pan and water seal trap if required.

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