14 L Oxfam Bucket with Tap / without Tap

14 L Oxfam Bucket with Tap / without Tap

• Oxfam/ICRC/UNHCR standards

•    Non-collapsible, heavy-duty, 14L plastic water bucket with tight-fitting lid, handle and attached clip-on cap

•    UV-resistant and safe for food and water storage

•    Stackable and easy to carry by hand, available with or without spigot

•    Ideal for family or individual drinking water container for general household use.

Technical specifications :




Top diameter

300 mm ±5%


300 mm ±5%


Marking and logo customised to your requirements.


Container Manufactured HDPE and LDPE, durable, UV-resistant, safe for food and water storage
Top Reinforced to prevent ovaling
Walls The walls meet the bottom of the bucket with a curved inside surface to prevent dirt accumulation and facilitate cleaning.
Lid The bucket has a tight-fitting lid of the same material of the bucket with an attached push-on cap.
Colour Bucket: White
Cover and handle: Red, green or other colour upon request

Packing & shipping

Content 20 pcs per carton
Weight per carton 18.5 kg
Dimension per carton 110 x 31 x 33 cm
Volume per carton 0.1126 cbm
Carton per pallet 6 cartons
Weight per pallet 125 kg
Dimension per pallet 112 x 78 x 114 cm
Volume per pallet 0.9959 cbm

Estimated loadability

Container With pallet Without pallet
20’ GP container 28 pallets (3,360 pcs) 245 cartons (4,900 pcs)
40’ GP container 60 pallets (7,200 pcs) 504 cartons (10,080 pcs)
40’ HC container 60 pallets (7,200 pcs) 576 cartons (11,520 pcs)

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