Synthetic Sleeping Mats As per UNHCR/IOM Standard

Synthetic Sleeping Mats As per UNHCR/IOM Standard

  • UNHCR standard
  • Waterproof, tearproof and material trim finish
  • 90x180cm/1.62m2
  • Will last for +12 months of use under hard tropical conditions
  • Suitable for one adult or two children.

Technical specifications


Total length 1.80 m
Width 0. 90 m
Total weight 500 g/m2 minimum +5%


Marking, logo and color are customised to your requirements


Mat 100% virgin mono-lament or multi-lament warp and thick tape PP or Polyester yarn in weft
Yarn Tightly woven 2/2 twill structure using a mono-filament or multi-filament warp and thick tape PP or polyester yarn in weft
End width Secured with a woven, bias-binding tape with stitches through the mat fabric

Packing & shipping

Content per bale 25 pcs
Bale dimension 92 x 75 x 21 cm
Bale volume 0.1449 cbm approx.
Bale weight 21 to 22 kg
Bale per pallet 5 bales (5 x 25 = 125 pieces)
Weight per pallet 125 kg approx.
Dimension per pallet 112 x 78 x 115 cm
Volume per pallet 1.0046 cbm approx.

Estimated loadability


With pallet

Without pallet

20’ GP container 28 pallets (3,500 pcs) 4,875 pcs
40’ GP container 60 pallets (7,500 pcs) 10,625 pcs
40’ HC container 48 pallets (7,500 pcs) 12,000 pcs

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