Normal Underwear



Content of the Kit 2 Small, 3 Medium, 1 Large
Material The material used is 100% cotton; neat and clean fabric;
One way stretch at least in the fabric.
Colour Dark blue
Rubber bands 1 waistband (8mm minimum), 2 thigh bands (8mm minimum)
Thread 100% cotton; AZO free dye colour used
Washing Washable panties, Quality sufficient to withstand minimum 10
washes. Washing temperature: 40 degrees. No deterioration or
loss of elasticity of bands
Stitching Well hemmed with cotton thread. Machine made.
No run or broken stiches
Finishing Good quality & tidy finish, no open seams, no hole and no cut.
Seams must stretch along with the fabric to prevent thread
Labels Each panty with a label well stitched, clearly indicating
100% cotton and size. Label width 30 mm minimum.
Tolerance The tolerance allowed in measurements is (+/-5%)
General Quality Soft fabric, no bad smell, no skin irritation

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