bio digester

Bio Digester

Bio Digester

Bio Digester is a specially engineered tank which enables anaerobic bio-degradation of human excreta. This process of anaerobic bio-degradation is self-sustainable and does not require any external energy for its operation. The process is carried out by using Anaerobic Microbial Inoculum in a specially designed tank which converts the waste into water, carbon di-oxide and methane gas which are safe for environmental discharge.

Our bio digesters are custom- designed and manufactured to meet the exact requirement of our

Key Features:

  • Compact design and size flexibility
  • One time installation and maintenance free
  • Convert the toilet waste completely into clean water and gas
  • Can be installed with any kind of toilet
  • Pathogen inactivation by 90%.
  • Organic Pollution reduction by 90%.
  • Effluent is free from off odour and safe for environmental discharge.
  • Tank size depends upon number of users
  • Affordable

Technical Specifications:

  • Fabricated in Mild Steel/ FRP
  • Mild Steel tank in 4 mm-6mm  thick walls
  • FRP tank in 3mm-5mm thick walls
  • Available sizes are from 500 litres to 5000 litres
  • Immobilization matrix inside the tank ensures good formation of bacterial colonies.
  • 4 compartment design of tank ensures complete digestion of faecal matter.

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